I help people build a loving relationship with body and self.

I am passionate about helping you learn to embrace the body that you have right now and supporting you in learning to love yourself no matter what. I know that the idea of embracing your body can feel challenging and maybe even impossible. With all of the media and messages around telling you why you need to change and pointing out your faults, it isn’t always easy to feel comfortable in your own skin. I know that from experience!


I spent over 25 years of my life living with feelings of shame, judgment, frustration, and even sadness about my body. I grew up in a body that wasn’t considered to be “normal” by society’s standards. I was the fat kid from kindergarten to 12th grade. Then after high school, I was the fat girl evolving into a young woman who was searching for my sense of self, but void of self-esteem, confidence, or self-love. In the decade of my life between my late teens and twenties, things got dramatically worse for me and my body. I was sexually assaulted, physically abused, and officially diagnosed with PCOS, a chronic illness. All of the trauma, pain, and violence that I experienced left me feeling completely detached from my body and ashamed. On the outside, I was covering up my brokenness with fashionable clothes, beautiful shoes, and makeup laid to the gods, but on the inside, I was in need of healing. I had a body relationship that was broken and shattered into pieces

You may be wondering how did I go from being a woman who was ashamed, hurt, and in a broken relationship with my body to a Holistic Wellness Coach and Body Image Expert? My answer is, Love. I reached out to the Creator (God) and I asked for healing. I began to realize that all the shiny stuff I was wearing on the outside was just a camouflage to mask the inadequacies and fear that I was really feeling. I knew that I wanted to evolve into a higher version of myself and to live out my life purpose. I gradually began the healing process with Me, My Body, and Love. One thing that also change my life is to travel to Tulum and experiment temazcal, such a reborn.

Everything that I survived in life showed me how strong I was, and I used that strength to work towards my own body freedom. By prioritizing my own self-care and holistic wellness, I reconnected with my body in a loving way. I released the old, negative beliefs that I had about my body and I replaced them with new, positive belief systems. I learned how to embrace my body at ANY stage of life: weight fluctuations, appearance changes, health challenges, and more. I evolved into the woman that I wanted to become and I still continue to evolve every day.

Another fundamental part that helped me get in touch with my body and my inner self was attending a spiritual retreat in Tulum. My holistic experience there completely blew my mind away. I had the chance to practice yoga and meditation in front of the Caribbean sea and I felt deeply connected with my body and my soul. While I was in Tulum, I met an incredible community of wellness passionate people and they made me discover holistic ceremonies like kombo, ayahuasca and temazcal. These ancient practices heal my past traumas and set me free with a positive mindset to start a new relationship with my body. Check the specific article about Tulum Yoga Retreats here


I believe that body peace is possible and self-love is a choice. No matter what stage of life a person is in, what type of body they have, or how they have felt about their body in the past, body peace is possible. Learn how to dress up myself thanks to this blog post change my life. No one has to go through life being in a constant state of war with their body. Feeling frustrated, ashamed, and disconnected from the body we live in is not a permanent life sentence. Body freedom is a birthright. Everyone has the right to feel safe, loved, and confident in their own body.