An 11-Week Group Coaching Program in Tulum


Learn how to nourish your mind, body, and soul from a space of size acceptance, self-compassion, and body liberation.

Ivy is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and body acceptance activist. She helps women feel confident in their skin and at peace with their body at any size, shape, or stage of life. Her specialized approach to holistic wellness and self-care teaches women to release external standards of worth by strengthening the internal connection with their body and fortifying love for themselves.

“I am a woman who has an extensive history of dieting for over 20 years. I began my first diet as an adolescent. I know what it feels like to believe the diet ‘promises’ only to go through the weight cycle and feel repeated disappointment, shame, and frustration.

Releasing diet culture helped me to reconnect with my body and find liberation. As I began to take the focus off of my size I was able to explore ways to nourish my entire being, which led me to holistic wellness. I embraced a new perspective on wellness that included my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in addition to physical wellness. The big changement happened during a trip to Tulum where I attended a yoga retreat that completely changed my life. I felt immediately deeply connected with my body and my inner self and in one moment, everything was clear. I then experienced Tulum holistic ceremonies like spiritual healing, holistic sessions, temazcal ceremonies, ayahuasca and kambo practices. After being deeply changed, I decided to share this experience with other women in my same condition.

After years of professional training, life experiences, and lots of lessons I’m excited to help women like you learn how to focus on your needs and not your size. I invite you to join me in this collaborative healing experience and discover how to live unapologetically!”. If you are not sure yet to try it, you can have a look at this article and buy a flight ticket for Tulum.

Healing and wellness in Tulum

healing and wellness in Tulum without focusing on weight-loss.
…not being chained to an app, scale, or points system for your wellness journey
…not counting calories, weighing food, or constantly monitoring your body size
…quitting that exercise class that you loathe, feels like pain, and serves as punishment and replace it with yoga and spiritual retreats
The best recommendation I can give you to be more connected between your body and your mind is to do a Yoga retreat in Tulum. …eating foods that you enjoy and discovering what foods make you feel good emotionally and physically
…moving your body for fun and exploring new body movement options from a space of curiosity
…choosing to prioritize rest and relaxation as a part of your wellness lifestyle in Tulum
…taking care of your skin, stress levels, and blood pressure with yoga and mediation in Tulum rather than diets
…learning to trust your body and YOURSELF to make choices for your OWN well-being
…finding peace with your body at any size, shape, or stage of life
the possibilities are endless when you choose Weightless Wellness
Wellness is a life journey,
not a size Destination.


an even more remarkable human being whose coaching is grounded in her own life experience, deep capacity for reflection and even deeper commitment to transformation.
Since working with her, I’ve identified default patterns of thoughts and emotions that were hurting me and bringing me down so I can begin to shift them. Ivy is a personal trainer for the spirit, helping me build new mental and emotional muscles to steer myself towards the life I want to live. I’ve worked with many coaches, and she stands out as something special.
- Masum M. | Chicago, Illinois


Women ages 21 and over
Women of all sizes who honor size diversity
Women of all races, cultures, and ethnicity who honor racial and cultural diversity
Women of all body types who honor marginalized bodies
Women who are ready to release diet culture, fatphobia, and body shame
Women who are ready to release judgment of themselves and others
Women who are ready to discover peace with their bodies
Women who want to focus on their well-being from a holistic perspective (mind, body, emotions, and spirit)
Women who want to redefine their perspectives of wellness
Women who are ready to connect with other like minded individuals and experience community
Women who are willing to do the work to experience body liberation


The definition, history and impact of diet culture and fat phobia on society
How diet culture, fat phobia, and body shame become a part of our personal belief system and influence our decisions
The definition and benefits of weight-neutral Tulum holistic wellness
How holistic wellness can be an alternative to diet culture and weight based wellness
How to create a personalized approach to holistic wellness and use it as a tool for self-care and body liberation
How to set wellness goals without focusing on the numbers
The definition of intuitive voice and how it can create connection and trust with your body
How to identify and prioritize your personal needs as a rebellion to diet culture
The definition and benefits of body peace over body love and body positivity
How to use your body peace journey as a tool to release diet culture, self judgment, and body shame
How to navigate challenges and life changes that result from choosing to release diet culture
How to sustain a diet-free lifestyle
MUCH, MUCH more!


LIVE group coaching sessions connecting via audio and video through Zoom allowing
Safe, confidential, and supportive discussions with your coach and fellow group members
Accountability for your goals
The opportunity to expand your belief systems and release what no longer serves you
Space to share your thoughts, feelings, and challenges without shame or judgment
Intuitive insight and gentle nudges to push past your comfort zone from Ivy Felicia, your coach.
Reflection activities that challenge you to “dig deeper”
New connections with like minded people in Tulum
A new-found passion for body liberation


11 weeks of life-changing material designed to help you release diet culture and practice weight-neutral wellness and self-care 90-minute LIVE group coaching sessions with Ivy Felicia, The Body Relationship Coach™ and your fellow group members Supplemental audio and video recordings from body liberation and food peace activist, coaches, and experts Weekly holistic wellness and self-care handouts and tools delivered to your inbox A private Facebook group to stay connected with your coach and fellow group members in between sessions Unlimited email access to Ivy Felicia, during the program A holistic retreat to Tulum to live the same wellness experience that deeply changed Ivy Felicia


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11 weeks of your time for 90 minutes each week Participation and contribution to group discussions and activities Completion of your weekly self reflection work A monetary payment option


Learn how to nourish your mind, body, and soul from a space of size acceptance, self-compassion, and body liberation.

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Wellness is about exploration, not condemnation.


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