The Best Tulum Yoga Retreats For Women Who Want To Embrace Their Body

Yoga retreats are one of the best activities to do if you are in Tulum, Mexico, and you want to make peace with your body. Starting this kind of path can be challenging, but I am sure that with my help as a coach and your determination you will experience amazing healing and wellness classes and practice. If you want to know more about how to heal your body, check this page.

In this great tropical country, Mexico, yoga retreats are a great way to embrace the lifestyle of Tulum, since in many hotel and resort yoga classes are offered. Meditation and spa are also experiences that are usually offered to restore the body. If you are planning your travel to Tulum and you want a complete guide of the best Tulum’s yoga retreats, check what my friends Alessia and Eddy wrote about it.

Between the Mayan and the jungle, these are some of the best Tulum yoga retreats where you can try out yoga classes and accept your body. There are also many free books about yoga retreat, but you will only find the real and beautiful change yoga can do to your life by practicing it during time. Don't worry, you will be able to pay in USD and you can either practice in the open jungle or in front of the ocean, or in a private room, like in one of my favorite places: Amansala Tulum.

Check out my guide to discover the best and most amazing places, hotel, resorts to practice yoga retreat and change your life and your body. Enjoy read it!

Which site is the best to start your yoga healing journey?

In Tulum, Mexico, with its beautiful beach view and the Caribbean sea, you will be able to experience amazing meditation and practice beautiful yoga. All this guided by a person full of knowledge and by the pool or the beach view, or why not in the middle of the jungle in Mexico. So check out my guide of the great places in Tulum that offer yoga retreats and start healing and love your body now!

Tribal Yoga Tulum: where I healed my body in Tulum

Prepare to reveal your inside warrior in this Tulum Yoga Sanctuary. Tribal Yoga Tulum offers yoga classes, continental breakfast and bicycle access. The hotel’s studio features a carpet of yoga classes on Tulum Beach area, where you will find the best yoga classes or your practice sessions to build a loving relationship with your body. Tribal Yoga Tulum offers various yoga classes and retreats in Tulum. With almost a dozen instructors teaching different styles of yoga for every body type, you are almost guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Their yoga exercises are intimate and personal, allowing you to create an experience that respects how you feel every day. You can also choose from a variety of yoga stays and room. These range from double immersion and yoga exercises to monthly intensive yoga exercises. Retreats include daily Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa or Yin yoga classes, bicycle rental and accommodation for the duration of your stay and room.

Mi Vida Yoga Retreats: healthy food, healthy body

Mi Vida Yoga premium Tulum yoga retreats offer a daily break from the hustle and bustle and the standard criteria. This retreat has a daily yoga and meditation schedule, as well as workshops for personal growth and loving your body. The participants involved set goals, create a plan of responsibility and commit to a new life. All meals are prepared by the local chef at the restaurant, which is part of the retreat costs - I felt brand new after a week eating here and not following sick standard diets. Here you will be able to live in forest villas with modern amenities surrounded by the natural beauty of Tulum. Plus: their rating is really great! You should really book your yoga retreat in Tulum here!

Harmony Yoga Retreats: find the harmony in loving yourself

Harmony Yoga Retreats offers premium yoga and wellness stays - lasting two to seven days. Their retreats are an opportunity to recharge your body and mind in the middle of organic gardens and lakes of the permaculture farm Green Beat. They are one of the reasons why I wanted to combine my coaching program with yoga retreats in Tulum. The main points of the six-day retreat include two daily yoga lessons, a relaxing massage class, five-night accommodation and paddleboard yoga suitable for every level and body type. They offer Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini style lessons tailored to different levels. The price also includes accommodation, bicycle rental and a maximum of two meals a day at the restaurant. Accommodation options include private glamping tents and single or double hotel rooms.

Copal Retreats: massages and yoga to heal your body

You can choose from different kinds of premium Tulum yoga retreats to rejuvenate your body and mind. There are 5- and 7-day retreats that are full of fun and can be accessed by all levels of yogis. Every retreat consists of daily yoga and meditation classes, food on offer and comfortable accommodations. An hour-long massage is also part of the retreat package. Plus: their rating is really great! Participants are encouraged to explore local attractions, such as the nearby Mayan ruins and cenotes, which offer a cool refuge from the heat of the sun. Copal offers moves to and from the famous Cancun International Airport. This is a great option if you are new to yoga and you want to discover it little by little.

Seramor Wellness: where healing your body meets Mayan tradition

You should try out this 4-day retreat in Tulum. The wellness haven for self-love includes daily yoga, meditation and leisure!

The sanctuary includes tasting traditions near and far, including the Mayan Cacao Ceremony and the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Seramor Wellness offers breakfast and lunch, focused on organic, nutritious ingredients. Throughout the day, you can munch on fresh fruit and snacks. The retreat takes place at Chemuyil Club and Villas, which have well-appointed rooms with balconies. Ready to discover it?

Let me know if you want to start your journey to love your body with me and your feelings towards yoga retreats in Tulum. I can't wait to read your comments down below!

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