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I believe that every person has the right to be at peace in their body and to embrace abundant self-love, at any stage of life. I know that there are critics, naysayers, and body shamers.  I know that there are social expectations and beauty standards.  I understand that you have hurts, pains, fears and insecurities.  Yes, I know that you are not perfect and neither is your body.  You have flaws, imperfections, and maybe even chronic illness.  But what I also know is:
No matter what has happened in your past, where you are in your life right now, or what may happen in your future, you can discover a loving relationship with your body and self.  You can release negative beliefs, choices, and behaviors that have held you back from experiencing true body freedom.  You can learn how to honor your body even in the most challenging body moments.
Imagine what it would feel like to be liberated from external definitions of what you should look like or who you should be. Imagine learning how to understand your own body and exploring what works best for you when it comes to self-care and holistic wellness.  Imagine defining your own relationship with your body based on an intuitive connection that allows you to focus on your own internal voice.  None of these things have to remain imaginary for you. Each of them is possible if you are ready and committed to manifesting them in your life.  As The Body Relationship Coach, I am committed to helping you do so.


I created Body Relationship Coaching™ as a uniquely designed approach to healing body image and self-esteem.  As a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and Body Image Expert, I use my knowledge and expertise in both areas to support people of all body shapes, sizes, and abilities.

  • Do you dream of living a liberated life where you love your body on your own terms?
  • Would you like to learn more about your body so that you can build a loving connection that empowers you to design a body positive lifestyle that works for YOU?
  •  Are you ready for change, excited about evolution, and committed to overcoming all the obstacles that stand between you and body freedom?
  • Are you feeling a warm, eager “yes” in the core of your being?

Then you are vibing with me.  Keep reading and let me tell you how the magic happens when we work together!


As The Body Relationship Coach™, I have a unique approach.  I am not here to tell you how to change or life.  I don’t tell you what you should or should not do.  I’m sure you’ve heard enough of that from other sources and you may have found that following other people’s advice doesn’t always work that well, because we each have unique experiences.   I believe in helping you tap into the Divine Power that is within YOU. In a safe, and loving space where you can share openly and authentically, we will:

  • Connect with the Divine Guidance of The Creator (God)
  • Explore your beliefs about your body
  • Get to the core of what is serving you and what is not
  • Clearly, define your body relationship goals and create a practical, sustainable path to help you get there.
  • Work together to strengthen your connection with your body and confidence in yourself through holistic wellness and self-care practices
  • Find every opportunity to honor your body journey and celebrate your evolution.


I am here as your listening, question asking, thought provoking, fire igniting,  partner in body liberation!



Ivy is a ray of sunshine and an absolutely pleasure to work with. She understands deeply how our relationships with our bodies affect our whole lives, and her passion for repairing those relationships is contagious. She’ll leave an imprint on your spirit that you will never forget, and help you uncover your best self in the process.

Jennae Petersen

Body Positive Blogger, Green & Gorgeous

I am SO happy that I got coaching with Ivy. Even though some of my open thoughts and answers felt almost embarrassingly unhealthy at the time, Ivy dispelled my self-judgement and helped me approach my thoughts with calm, compassionate curiosity. Her advice to me felt very intuitive. Now, after our talk, I have a list of things to think about, things that *really* resonate with me. She gave very specific mindfulness exercises that I know will help me establish a healthy, nurturing relationship with my body. Honestly, I can’t recommend her enough. She is an amazing person, she does amazing work, and I’m immensely grateful to be a recipient of her wisdom.

A. Catherine Duthie

Stirling, Scotland

Ivy is knowledgeable in body image relationships and holistic health. She is a people person.and I appreciate her pearls of wisdom. She is also patient and understanding and a source of motivation.

With all these qualities, it is no surprise that I highly recommend Ivy. I know that anyone that comes in contact with her will find her coaching services both beneficial and life changing!

Nijah Jihad

Blogger , Internationally Published Plus-Sized Model, I Am Nijah J.

Ivy is a remarkable woman, and she has helped me tremendously in my journey to self-love and acceptance. She is intelligent, wise and filled with the gift of discernment.

Natelege Downs

Atlanta, GA


We will work together in a private, one-on-one sessions where your support is individualized and the coaching is customized to you.

We will take a look at every area of your holistic health: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual to see how they work interdependently to affect your body relationship and self-love.  

We will examine your lifestyle to determine ways in which you can begin to prioritize self-care and holistic wellness as a path towards your body peace and self-love goals.

Each session is focused on your personal needs, goals, and creating a sustainable life design plan.

Available in live or virtual format 

Some of the things you will receive are:

  • A “Body Relationship Breakthrough Kit” to launch your new experience
  • 60- minute sessions
  • Notes, discussion of progress, and recommendations directly e-mailed following each session
  • Supportive materials as needed: affirmations, articles, handouts, books, etc.
  • Exclusive access to live and virtual special events
  • Unlimited email access for questions and support during business hours
  • Surprise gifts and giveaways that support your holistic wellness and self-care

We will work together in a group of 4-12 people who share similar body relationship and self-care goals.  Each member of the group will be committed to confidentiality, compassion, and mutual support.  Coach directed group discussions and activities will provide a uniquely beneficial perspective on the similarities and differences of the body image and self-love experiences of others within the group.  We will create our own sacred space where we will share experiences, perspectives, and positive energy to help each person explore holistic wellness and self-care practices that heal their body relationship and strengthen their self-love. Available in live or virtual format  Some of the things each group member will receive are:

  • A “Body Relationship Breakthrough Kit” to launch your new coaching experience
  • Eight 90 minute sessions
  • Exclusive access to a private online community built for sharing and connection between sessions
  • Materials for group activities: handouts, D.I.Y. crafts, books, etc.
  • Supportive follow-up materials: affirmations, articles, handouts, etc.
  • Surprise gifts and giveaways that support your holistic wellness and self-care

Are you interested in working together in a group?  Do you have a group that you know would benefit from this coaching experience? Complete the questionnaire to provide more details about your group and get more information about how we can work together.



Body Relationship Coaching is available in person for those living in the Washington D.C. area.  Virtual or phone sessions are available to clients anywhere else in the world.  No worries, we can coordinate our timezones!


The Individual Body Relationship Coaching is uniquely designed to support your evolution over time.  Based on my personal coaching experience, 4 months is the minimum amount of time necessary to see significant progress in your body relationship.  Several of my clients see such amazing progress in their initial Body Relationship Coaching package that they choose to renew for additional months.  After your initial sessions are complete we assess your progress and decide if renewal is a good option for you.


The full payment is the option that saves you the most on your investment ($218 discount).   However, if you prefer a payment plan, you can either pay $347 per month via auto-deduction ($80.00 discount) or $367 per month.  All payments are accepted online via credit or debit card through “Square”.





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