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Thank You, Ivy for this site. I was beginning to lose the love I’ve had for myself and fall into a cloud of “needs of approval”. Your site is inspiring me to not forget my beauty, to be strong as a woman and let God’s Love come through my body and soul.

| Kia Yve |

I needed a safe space to talk it out, but didn’t realize it until I began working with Ivy. She listens, and through practices of self-discovery, that felt far more like conversations with your best friend/favorite aunt, she helped me identify and resolve areas of tension and neglect. For each unhealthy habit, she offered doable solutions. My relationship with my body was only the beginning. Working with Ivy is an investment in the mind, body and spirit. An experience that has made me a better woman, mother, wife, writer, coach, etc. And I’m forever grateful.

| Trelani Michelle, Writing Coach |


Ivy is a woman after my own heart. She understands deeply how our relationships with our bodies effects our whole lives, and her passion for repairing those relationships is contagious. She is skilled at helping people — women in particular — to understand that the only way to create a happy, healthy life is to create a healthy relationship with self.

Moreover, Ivy is a ray of sunshine and an absolutely pleasure to work with. She’ll leave an imprint on your spirit that you will never forget, and help you uncover your best self in the process.

I would work with her again in a heartbeat, and I recommend all other women do the same.

| Jennae Petersen, Body Positive Blogger |


“An experience that has made me a better woman, mother, wife…”

I had low self-esteem and I needed to look at life at a different perspective.  I felt lonely, not beautiful inside and felt self-conscious about my body. I needed to get out of my comfort zone and I needed guidance how to love and accept me for who I am.

Ivy listened and gave me her advice.   She taught me how to love my body just as it is and if people don’t accept me for me then it wasn’t meant to be.  I really enjoyed working with Ivy because she’s a down to earth person.

The most value part for me was coming out of my shell and loving me for me.  I have opened up to people more and I am willing to try different things.

| Rosalie Thompson |

Showing up for yourself and knowing Ivy will meet you halfway is the most valuable part of the coaching experience. Whether holding me accountable, reminding me to look how far I have come or just simply reminding me what I said I wanted and why, Ivy holding a safe place for me is priceless.

If you are having any esteem or confidence challenges in your life, Ivy will assist you in getting down deep to acknowledge the areas that need attention so you can successfully remove any obstacles. Coaching with Ivy restores harmony and balance in your life when you are ready to do the work.

| Terrinda Davidson, Business Coach |

Ivy is a remarkable woman, and she has helped me tremendously in my journey to self-love and acceptance. She is intelligent, wise and filled with the gift of discernment. She has truly found her calling in the body love movement.

| Natelege Downs |

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